Onxy Maritime

Main Service We usually transport within the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean areas including Turkey's southern coastal areas.

Onyx maritime, We provide services to the customers in the registration process of the Country Flag State, in the field of transit agency of Country Surveyor.

We provide services for issues related to the preparation of the certificates of the newly constructed and existing vessels according to the norms of the flag state, the construction of the vessels' annual, intermediate and special surveys, the vessels related to the other flag state.

Our agency; Class assists our clients in issues related to certification, documentation, surveys and ship related to other country flag states.


Contact us for your survey, flag, certification, country flag state registration and agency offer requests.

Agency Services

In the international maritime sector, it is the marine business that will last for generations with young ships in accordance with the international industry standards in terms of safety, life, property and environment.

Ship Management

With constant development, efficiency and efficiency in maritime sector, the company will reach to tomorrow in accordance with modern standards of marine industry, young, suitable tonnage and type and according to international maritime business.

Project & Logistics

Transportation of large volume and heavy tonnage by sea and road requires special knowledge and expertise. We have the necessary resources and knowledge to suggest solutions to such transport demands in our own world.