Onxy Maritime

Main Service We usually transport within the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean areas including Turkey's southern coastal areas.

Onyx maritime, Has a large network of global shipowners and brokers.

Within this large shipowner and broker network, it is possible to find vessels suitable for all kinds of freight and logistics needs and to offer ship chartering services.

As well as being able to find a ship at the right position and cost, it can be found in the sector for many years.

At the same time, charter party is the most suitable and ideal charter party for chartering agencies.


We have been focusing on dry cargo brokerage, ship chartering and ship management since our establishment and aiming to provide the best possible service to our customers and we continue our studies in this area.

Agency Services

In the international maritime sector, it is the marine business that will last for generations with young ships in accordance with the international industry standards in terms of safety, life, property and environment.

Ship Management

With constant development, efficiency and efficiency in maritime sector, the company will reach to tomorrow in accordance with modern standards of marine industry, young, suitable tonnage and type and according to international maritime business.

Project & Logistics

Transportation of large volume and heavy tonnage by sea and road requires special knowledge and expertise. We have the necessary resources and knowledge to suggest solutions to such transport demands in our own world.